Your privately hosted, AI-assisted companion bot of your own making.

pBot is a minimal, dockerized, Discord chat bot assisted by:

  • OpenAI's ChatGPT (OpenAI account required)
  • MidJourney (optionally)
  • More to come?

that optimizes for:

  • minimal technical knowledge
  • configuration & extendibility
  • ease of use

it can:

  • be managed via a simple web UI
  • adopt whatever persona, rules, and tasks you write
  • respond with images it generates via Midjourney
  • adapt to the servers it's in and tailor its responses to the vibe of the server
  • run anywhere, it's just Docker

so you can:

  • get started experimenting with AI assistance
  • brainstorm in private (as private as sending AI vendors conversation snippets over Discord gets..)
  • easily build on top of a minimal framework
  • annoy your friends

"Okay, but what do I need to know to get started?"

Just enough to:

And that's it. From there, you can tinker in the sandbox of the web UI but you've got the bot going. Persona & Prompt engineering can be handled from the web UI. Beyond that, a little python will be required. See the Development section of the project README.